only method breakpoints in a thirdparty package?


I am using Intellij 14.0.2 in my mac book pro (OS 10.9.5). Have been working on this project that includes Apache Shiro 1.2.3. Have included the dependencies of shiro-core, shiro-spring and shiro-web. Oddly, I am not able to set breakpoints within any code in the shiro packages. Only method breakpoints are settable. When I try to set a breakpoint deep in the method, I always got a 'button' like icon on which when I hover my mouse, showing a 'INVALID' sign. If i debug through the code, it only stops at the method breakpoints. Not anywhere down the code :(

THe dependencies are included, I have refreshed the mvn imports many times and project builds fine. Can someone please share some hints/clues? I really need to have this figured out

Thank you very much

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I have it figured out. Thank you anyways


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