Build 90.116 Flex refactorings are awesome

I just discovered the new refactorings in the Flex facet - awesome! I want more for 9 final !!!


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Actually I want the whole Java refactoring menu now for Flex, too


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It seems that Jetbrains is working on fulfilling your wishes. "Pull members up" seems to be in development (start IDEA in internal mode to try).

Here's my feedback on current and desired features. Comments welcome!

1. "Smarter introduce"

The various "Introduce..." refactorings require a manual selection of the desired to-be-extracted expression.
This is not too bad with Ctrl-W. However, in the Java editor IDEA provides an easy selection popup that makes this soo much more fluid.
It works so well that "Introduce..." in Flex code feels "manual".

In a way this is a regression, since the former SmartIntroduce plugin (done by Sascha Weinreuter) implemented a generic AST-based "smart introduce" for non-Java languages.

2. "Introduce parameter"

On the topic of "introduce...", "Introduce parameter" is one I use as often as "Introduce field" and "Introduce constant".

3. Multiple name suggestions for "Introduce..."

For a type "SimpleQueryBuilder", Introduce... in Java suggests multiple names: "builder", "queryBuilder", "simpleQueryBuilder".
This is very convenient, as the full name based on type is rarely what I would want ideally.

4. Real "Packages" view

At the moment, the packages view seems to show files as nodes. I'd expect to see types, similar to the packages view for Java.
I think the upcoming Flex Builder implements a similar view.

Support for "Move class" and "Clone class" would be related to this.

5. Completion for metadata

It would be nice to define metadata tags (with typed parameters) for core framework and commonly used libraries, and provide completion from that.
Some xml format without dedicated UI would be good enough.

I'm interested in what other users find missing or incomplete in current IDEA EAP builds.

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+1 on all suggestions and thanks for the hint - works great!

It would be nice to see more ActionScript refactorings in the final IDEA Ultimate 9. That's exactly what places IDEA Flex far above the competition.

Thanks and Regards,

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Note that latest Maia EAP (92.24, provides more handy features:
* "Unwrap..code": Ctrl-Shift-Delete. See for a description of the Java version
* "Pull Up" as well as "Push Down" refactorings are now both available
* There have been small enhancements to the other refactorings. For example, "Inline Variable" now has similar background highlighting as the Java version



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