Remove all PHPDoc Blocks from File


oft I need to remove all PHPDoc Blocks from a File. (Because they are wrong, and Update is not alway a good solution.

Is it possible to do that easy with IntelliJ?

If it is not possible, it would be a good feature.


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Same request.

After modyfing the code half of files have wrong doc blocks.

There's no feature to simple rebuild blocks everywhere

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Actually, there is no such feature at the moment, please feel free to leave a feature request:

As a workaround, you may consider trying the SSR pattern to search & remove doc blocks:

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Somewhere one guy from your Support answered that Code / External Tools -> write own php script -> bind to key, then regenerate PHPDoc back

I mean - it was exactly what i need that time, but not exactly i should request.

Once do that i understand what is "lose all comments in project", so i never delete phpdocs currently.

One solution is to use "Find by inspection name" feature (exists in 2019.3) -> there we can apply updating PHPDoc blocks in batch


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