Problems sharing project files even with .idea format

Hi all,

We recently switched to using the .idea project format hoping that it would solve our problems with sharing project files, but it hasn't really helped. They're still modified on a regular basis, it doesn't seem viable to have them in VC. Just a quick sample based on the local changes I have in my project right now:

  1. Indent options are added and removed in projectCodeStyle.xml based on the plugins the user has installed.
  2. In all my files in runConfigurations, IntelliJ has reordered Maven.BeforeRunTask and AntTarget.
  3. I have suddenly acquired a dynamic.xml and a webContexts.xml, despite not having changed the plugins I have enabled.
  4. In misc.xml IntelliJ continuously fiddles with the SvnBranchConfiguration element, adding paths local to my machine and generally adding new mappings with no config changes from myself.

This is just what I have in my workspace right now, but this happens regularly with many different config items. How are people dealing with this?

BTW this is on Diana 9939.


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