IntelliJ with PHP, Python, and ObjectiveC plugin vs PHPStorm, PyCharm and AppCode

Given the productivity gains we've had with AppCode over XCode, we're considering moving away from Vim / Sublime Text 3 (ST) for PHP and Python code, currently assessing PHPStorm and PyCharm as potential IDE candidates.

I noticed that IntelliJ comes with PHP and Python plugins.  I presume that the core functionality like code completion, syntax checking, etc across JetBrains IDEs are the same, could we:
1) Buy IntelliJ licenses with PHP and Python plugins, instead of buying separate PHPStorm and PyCharm licenses?

2) Are there any functional differences between using PHPStorm, PyCharm (and stand alone JB IDEs) vs. using IntelliJ with plugins?

3) Does a plugin exist for ObjectiveC / Swift in IntelliJ that could replace AppCode for us?

NB: We do not do Java development, so the only incentive to purcahse IntelliJ is to use it as the IDE base for PHP, Python code (and potentially ObjectiveC / Swift if that's supported).

Thanks a bunch.  Great work on the IDEs by the way.  We're noticing massive productivity gains & general developer happiness :D


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Never mind, had my questions (1) and (2) answered by:

(3) doesn't seem to be possible, i.e. ObjectiveC / Swift development must be done outside of IntelliJ Idea.


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