Groovy DSL Support in 14.0.2

Hey All,
We have been leveraging IntelliJ's Groovy DSL support in version 13 for awhile (it's nice).

We've noticed in 14.0.0 and 14.0.2 (we did not try 14.0.1) that our prior gdsl no longer works correctly.

In this example (living in src/test/groovy/expectationTransform.gdsl):

def all = context(pathRegexp: '/.*\\.[A-Z]+\\.groovy', scope: scriptScope())

contributor(all) {
  property name: 'fulfilledResponse', type: ''
  property name: 'expectedRequest', type: ''

This applies to a file of some name like "thing.POST.groovy". After it's modified, IntelliJ prompts to "Activate Back" and seems to do so without error. However, code completion only kicks in once I've fully typed "fulfilledResponse" and then a dot ".". Then I see a method list. But sometimes not even that. It used to kick in and offer suggestions on the first "f" keystroke. It sounds trivial but it's a pretty big deal for our use case.

This exposes another issue which is a lack of any up-to-date documentation around this feature. We originally built the GDSL from these links which are quite out of date but unfortunately all we could find:

I also have a StackOverflow question here where someone suggested this may be a bug. I wanted to try the community board first but he may be right?

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