IntelliJ 14.0.1 does not recognize svn 1.8 format working copy files?

Today I was trying to rebuild a Project which seemingly got corrupted (a module disappeared from the Project left pane view for some reason...)

In the middle of this, I got a very different error message in IntelliJ: a dialog told me that my local svn working copy format is incompatible with the new IntelliJ client.  See the attachment for a screen shot.

That is strange: I have had IntelliJ 14.0.1 installed since about the day it came out (several days--or was that a couple of weeks?--ago).  IntelliJ never complained before about this issue, and I do not think that my svn working format changed during this time...

IntelliJ presented me with an option to "Fix it" (this svn working copy issue).  I tried doing that, but it seemed to do nothing; no subsequent dialog appeared telling me that anything happened.

Next, I talked with a coworker who exclusively uses tortoisesvn for his svn interactions, and he said that he recently needed to update all of his svn working copies to the new svn 1.8 format now used by the latest tortoisesvn build.

I use IntelliJ for those svn interactions that involve my Java projects, but fall back on tortoisesvnfor for those files in our svn repo that are not in Java projects.

So, I shut down IntelliJ, deinstalled my old tortoisesvn build ( which uses svn-1.7.18), then installed the latest tortoisesvn build ( which uses svn-1.8.10).

Next, I right clicked on each local directory that corresponds to one of our svn root directores, and in the context menu, I selected the option to have tortoisesvn update the working copy.  This action seemed to sucessfully finish.  When I view files with tortoisesv, everything seems to make sense: files that should be marked as checked in in fact are, changed files are properly detected, etc.

The problem occurs with IntelliJ: as soon as I fired it back up, all of my projects (not just the one I was monkeying with this morning) now think that all of their files need to be added to svn!

For some reason, it seems that IntelliJ 14.0.1's svn client is not recognizing the new svn 1.8 working copy.

Is there some kind of configuration change that I need to do?  I tried looking at all the IntelliJ svn config options, but nothing stands out.

Or, is this a bug in IntelliJ 14.0.1?

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Note: earlier today, I updated to IntelliJ 14.0.2, and I still have the same issue.

I suspect that somehow my svn configuration is wrong or got blown away, and I have to redo it.

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I finally solved my issue.

This blog post says that IntelliJ 13+ now MUST use an external command line svn tool when working with svn 1.8.  That led me to guess that maybe I did not have that external tool setup correctly.

To make a long story short, what I think happened is that there were conflicting svn command line tools on my box: from TortoiseSVN as well as cygwin.

The TortoiseSVN tools were surely what I was using in the past, unbeknownst to me.  And they were properly configured (e.g. with stored username and password).  But when I uninstalled TortoiseSVNand installed the latest version, my PATH sys env var was modified.  The net result was that TortoiseSVN was now at the end.

This meant that I was now using cygwin's svn tool, which was NOT properly configured (on my box).

The solution was simple: I just uninstalled svn from cygwin (since I never use cygwin's svn).  Now IntelliJ finds TortoiseSV's command line tools first on my PATH.  Sanity has returned.


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