IntelliJ + MXML Design View plugin + Flex SDK

Hello guys,

Do you know where can I get MXML Desing View plugin for IntelliJ?

And where could I get the Flex SDK for IntelliJ?

I am trying to build a mobile app with simple math formulas
A + B / 20 = C

But... I know next to nothing about coding, and I am looking for a program where I can do visual desing to add text boxes and values to make it work for simple formulas.


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MXML Desing View plugin allows to preview manually written MXML, but doesn't allow to create design. You can install it from Preferences (Settings) | Plugins | Install JetBrains Plugin.
JetBrains doesn't teach to write code.
The first result on any search site will give you a link to the Apache Flex SDK Installer.
Tutorial for beginners:


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