Maia Initial Impressions (10781), blocked by broken exported deps

Trying out Maia for the first time on a maven/flex/web/hibernate/jpa project.  Generally mixed success.

  • Compiles seem significantly faster!
  • UI is overall snappier, nice job!  Some oddness with "loading..." in menus, but not too bad.
  • Maven resource compiler seems to no longer recopy unchanged resources unnecessarily.  YEAH!  Awesome!  Much faster builds!
  • Importing 8.1.3 maven-import generated IPR/IML/etc. results in dramatically longer compile times? and missing deps?  Eg, lots of red on opening old projects...
  • Started over and imported POMs from scratch.
  • However, maven support has regressed in terms of dependency management.  It seems like it's not generating module dependencies on import for multi-module maven projects.  Added these manually.
  • Even though I'm using flex mojos, and idea has a "flex mojos SDK", this doesn't seem to get used.
  • Dependencies marked "export" don't seem to be exported at run time.  So I get class not founds when running.  Things build fine though...

In general, I really want to like this, but I'm basically blocked the exported dependency issue.  Any suggestions?




I've added the "maven dependency management" issue to the tracker as

Haven't encountered your export problem yet,



Just to clarify, my main problem with Maia is one of missing dependencies: dependencies exported from a module are not recognized in dependent modules.  That is: I have a module A that has guice as a dependency, created by the maven pom import, that is marked "export."  Within module A references to guice classes are recognized.  I have a module B that has A as a module dependency.  Guice classes are not recognized in module B.  "Not recognized" means that these classes appear in red, and the jars are not included in the java command line on run.  However, the project compiles correctly (both with idea's internal build system and via maven).  I have a large number of modules and deps so manually creating them is a pain (particularly because the manual dependencies seem to be removed when the POM is edited).

Any help would be most appreciated.



> Even though I'm using flex mojos, and idea has a "flex mojos SDK", this doesn't seem to get used.
Hi, Christopher,
I'm responsible for Flexmojos projects import, configuration, compilation etc..
I'm afraid I don't understand what problem you are talking about. Some information about Flexmojos projects may be found in our blog: (flexmojos 3.4-related stuff is not yet available in IDEA 10781, but the trick with <configurationReport> tag works fine).


Ok.  I cleared caches, remove project files, updated to flex mojos 3.3.0, added configurationReport, built, and then imported into Maia 10781.  I get a number of exceptions on startup (submitted as 151782, 151783) both related to com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException.  I don't do anything while it's importing until indexing finishes (the new background indexing makes it hard to know when the import is finished).  The project doesn't build with Idea's build system; many unfound symbols are detected (obviously, this works fine in mvn on command line).  It seems like the maven dependencies aren't being setup properly (some dependencies are missing, including inter-module dependencies).

I tried to reproduce this lack of inter-module dependencies in a simple maven project, and I was not able to, eg it seems to be something else is interrupting or disabling the process of generating the inter-module deps.  In my real project, dependencies aren't correct and the project doesn't build or run.  If needed I can share my pom files privately.

Perhaps if I could disable background indexing?

It does seem like the flex sdk is setup properly now!  The flex module builds correctly.  It even grabs my special compiler options for setting the version.  Nicely done!

If only the other parts of Maia worked!  ;-)


Picture 15.png


I cannot reproduce the problem. please create an issue ( and attach a smaple project.

Anton Makeev


Any help would be most appreciated!

Thanks for making cool stuff!



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