Links to compilation errors not appearing--how to fix?


I recently upgraded my maven-compiler-plugin on a project.  When building in a Windows 7 environment using maven-compiler-plugin 3.0+ (for instance, just issuing the 'mvn install' command), the compilation error classpath messages have changed into a Linux-style format:

[ERROR] /C:/Checkouts/blah/com/company/project/[69,41] ';' expected

Previously, with maven-compiler-plugin version 2.5.1, it was like so:

[ERROR] C:\Checkouts\blah\com\company\project\[69,41] ';' expected

In the former case, IntelliJ cannot detect the path of the file, so no link is generated to the spot in the code with the issue.  In the latter case, a link is generated.

This question has probably been answered somewhere in the past, but after an hour of searching, I'm having no luck.  Using either IntelliJ or Maven configurations, how can I make this log in a fashion that will provide me links to errors in files, or get picked up by IntelliJ as a link to a file?  Right now, I'm simply downgrading to the 2.5.1 maven-compiler-plugin to achieve windows-style file path output, which IntelliJ handles fine, but I'd like a solution to this that allows me to upgrade the plugin.  It seems like IntelliJ should be able to handle this, which is why I'm asking here.  

I'm relatively certain that this is a windows-only issue.  If other maven + windows users reading this are not experiencing this issue, please let me know, as this could very easily be a missed config on my end.  

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I'm getting the same problem with Maven builds in Intellij.



Java 8

Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

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Could you please share sample project example for investigation? Do you see the same issue if you run maven from command line (without IDE)?

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Thanks for the quick response - the problem seemed to go away without me having to do anything.

I'll look out for it happening again and post reproduction steps with screenshot if it recurs.


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