Forward-looking autocomplete?

This might be a feature request but I wanted to discuss it with you all, first.  

When I'm changing a variable name, it'd be nice if autocomplete looked forward of the caret when completing the text.  For instance:

Take the case of changing a variable, userDao to userStateDao.  Normally, I'd use autocomplete but when you stick the caret here and start typing:


it gives me userStateDao as an autocomplete option.  When I hit enter to autocomplete, I end up with:


This happens to me quite a bit.  Should I make a feature request or is this something already in the works?

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Hi Andrew,

this is by design. Pressing Enter inserts the autocompleted word.
Instead, in your case, you should press Tab to replace everything till the end of the word.

Hope that helps,

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Beautiful, thanks!


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