find usages weird behavior with MySQL Columns / Tables


version is latest Intellij IDEA stable.

I have defined a Mysql data source for my Project.

Whenever I use find usages on a table name, or on a table field, usages are always grouped AS unclassified usage (never READ or WRITE).

Moreover, a lot of usages are not being found, and I don't know if these 2 things are related.

Has anybody experienced anything similar? Do you correctly get your Mysql usages grouped by READ, WRITE?

Screenshot - 25_11_2014 , 11.47.33.png

Screenshot - 25_11_2014 , 11.47.33.png
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Thank you. I've found that usages of SQL elements defined in a project .sql file are classified normally, while the described effect is observed for data sources entities. Created:

Regarding not found usages: this may be totally different issue. E.g., one related to a limitations of certain SQL elements support. Please provide examples or file reports into the bug tracker.


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Thank you Alexander for opening the issue and for your reply,

unfortunately, pinpointing the not found issue won't be easy to me, since it looks like apparently there's nothing common among the various occurences which are not found.

I mean, for example, I call find usage on a table name, and it will find occurences in a certain class file (PHP) with many different usage types: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, etc. while it won't find the occurences in another file with similar usages.

But if I open the latter file (where usages are not being found), I see that the SQL snippets and the table names are correctly parsed and recognized..I mean that CTRL B will perfectly work on them, CTRL Q will work as well..but find usage won't..  I also tried to reset Intellij cache, but nothing changed.

Summing up, there are a lot of mysql entities which are all correctly parsed and recognized, but won't show in find usages..

I will see what I can do to create a bug report, since, as I was saying, at the moment it looks like it's happening with no apparent common denominator.

In the meantime, if anybody had something to add which might help, it would be very welcome..



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