Is Intelli-J Safe To Use For Sensitive Project?

I'm working on an extremely sensitive project, and my employer takes this VERY seriously.
I have asked if it is possible to use Intelli-J as my IDE on this project (rest of team uses Sublime), and I was asked - "Does Intell-j phone home, at all, for anything, and can that be disabled."

At this company, I would be let go on the spot if anything related to this project were to get out, in anyway, they do not take it lightly. Even analytics information for our browsers, or autofill search bars, are disabled. Annoymous information is even still not allowed for us.

Very specifically, what information does Intelli-J collect, and send, and can this be disabled?



there are two main cases where IntelliJ connects to JetBrains servers in background, to send anonymous usage statistics (but it firstly asks if you
agree to do that) and to check if there are updates of the IDE available. The both activities can be switched off in File | Settings | Appearance &
Behavior | System Settings, items 'Updates' and 'Usage Statistics'. There are many other cases when IDE connects to our servers (i.e. to download list
of required libraries when you setup a new project with some framework) but usually this happens in respond to user action. However if you want to
absolutely sure you can setup some firewall software to block all outgoing connection attempts from IDE.

Nikolay Chashnikov
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You'd probably also want to disable the IDETalk plug-in.


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