My bookmark feature is broken in IU-90.94

In earlier versions of idea, I would use ctrl-shift-1, ctrl-shift-2, ctrl-shift-3 to create a
"context trail" when analyzing code (try it if you haven't it's really really great -
then you can navigate your trail with ctrl-1.2.3 etc). Really good when working with heavily
layered code.

ctrl-shift-1 would typically always mark my starting point, as I progress through layers
of code I would push more bookmarks in a stack-like manner. Some of my colleagues typically
use ctrl-shift-0 to mark the unit test they're running.

Now in IU-90.94 you seem to have decided that all bookmarks are equal and there
is no sequence between them. In that case I'd really enjoy a "context trail" feature
(think of it as breadcrumbs representing my train of thought...).

Or maybe bring back some "order" in the bookmarks ?

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You can still assign number tags to bookmarks and not only numbers actually. In the "Show Bookmarks" Shift+F11 popup choose Ctrl+Enter (or Cmd+Enter if you're on Mac) and enter short description, which can for instance be just a number. Would that work as a breadcrumbs?

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Well, no. You're taking away all the pleasure

The thing is, we have probably been using the bookmark-hotkey feature in an unintended manner. We're a large
team of long-time idea users, and I have managed to infect *everyone* in our team with this manner of working.

It's really one of those ways of working that infects you seriously once you start doing it (kind of like the stacked
safe-delete trick). So replacing a single keystroke in my keyboard tap-dance with a 2 key replacement
and a symbolic reference does not really cut it The thing is that when I use these breadcrumb stacks I'm
usually in the most analytical phases of coding, usually tracking some tougher problems. The bookmarks inevitably
go on the interesting places in the call chain. So the quick shortcuts are really good, I'm not sure I want to start
inventing symbolic names for these points-of-interest - that'd just take focus away from the problem at hand.

I suppose you could just re-introduce the keyboard shortcuts for creating and moving to bookmark Or you
could take my description of how I work and create something even more novel that'd impress me even more.
For instance, most of my tracking invariably follows dependencies in the code - but usually there's quite a few layers
of dependencies I'm skipping because they're uninteresting. How about a point-of-interest tracker ?

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We mostly use just Ctrl+Alt+Left (Back) to get out of navigation stacks. Being able to view that navigation stack in an implicit form is quite a good idea, will think how could that work.

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Good. My point is that as you use ctrl-b and ctrl+alt-b to move through code, you move through a lot of code that is
uninteresting. So I want to press a key  when I see something that interests me, and navigate backwards/forwards
in the points of interest I have specified. And sometimes I discover that the most recent point of interest I defined
was not the *real* point of interest, so I replace the previous point-of-interest with the current one.

The ctrl-alt-left is not the same, and I'm sure you'll get to love it too

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