Where is Gradle support?

I am using IntelliJ community 13.1.4.

I created the project by importing the source ( no build file: no ant, no maven, no gradle).  Now I created a build.gradle file with a single Spring dependency & tried to build from within IntelliJ but got the error message.  Error running buildModule 'Force' is not backed by gradle"

So I searched on that and was directed to link the project using the "Gradle Window"  View->Tool Windows->Gradle Window

Gradle Window is not an option under the Tool Windows; how do I make this work given I did not originally use a build.gradle file to import the project.  I want the project from within IntelliJ to now be managed by gradle (as I add new dependencies).

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Go to File > Import Project, select and import your

file. You can choose "This Window" when prompted as to what window to  open the project in. All your previous project settings should remain  intact. You will then have the
window and gradle functionality.
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I had the original question as the OP, and your solution worked. However, this seems really obscure.  I'm new to IntelliJ, so maybe it would make more since if I had greater familiarity with the IntelliJ way of doing things.... Additionally, what If I have more than one build script? for example a dedicated build script in a sub directory.  What I kind of expected was when creating a new file it would give me the option to select a "Gradle Build Script" as a type of file.


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