sharing web resources across modules

I've tried a couple of approaches with no success. Would appreciate some help.

I have several modules (web apps) in my intellij 11.1.5 project. I would like to share selected source (js, jsp, css) from one of my modules as web resources in other modules. For instance:

Mod1     /mod1

Mod2     /mod2

I would like to make the contents of Mod1's shared directory available under the Mod2 web root (minimally at runtime) so that the following URLs work:


Thanks for your help.

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If you only need these files at runtime the simplest way is to include 'shared' directory into an artifacts layout: open File | Project Structure,
select 'Artifacts' item, choose web artifact for 'mod2' application and add 'shared' directory to the output layout tree using '+' -> 'Directory
Content' action.

Nikolay Chashnikov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Nikolay, thanks for responding.

I've made the change you suggested but getting HTTP 404 when trying to get one of the "shared" resources of mod1 under mod2 url.

Specifically, given:



I added mod1 shared directory under mod2 artifact as Directory Content.

I tried to access t.jsp as http://local/mod2/shared/jsp/t.jsp and got 404.

What I noticed is that the mod1 shared directory (and its sub-directories) where copied under /out/artifacts/mod2_war_exploded but without any of the files contained in these directories.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, can you explain...if I change the contents of mod1/web/shared directory (or subs) will these changes automatically be reflected in mod2? That would be my intent.




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