Python plugin - builtins not working correctly.

Hi, again.

I've been using Pycharm Community and decided to use the Python plugin instead.  Builtins are not working correctly with 3.4.

"len(x)" highlights the closing parenthesis and gives me a "Parameter 'p_object' unfilled".
"range(1, 100)" highlights the second integer with the error "Unexpected argument".

Setting up the project in Pycharm using the same interpreter works correctly.  This occurs with projects first setup in Pycharm and projects setup only in IDEA.

Should a bug report be created? Or am I doing something wrong?

* I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.


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When control clicking the range builtin, it goes to line 4223 of the python stub -

def __init__(self, stop): # real signature unknown; restored from __doc__

Also worth noting is that 2.7 seems to work fine.

Should I report this as a bug?
Thanks for your time.

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I renamed .IntelliJIdea14 and restarted.  Of course the install was treated as fresh so all of the configuration prompts were completed as normal.  After a python project was opened and SDK setup, this error showed up: "Library -2066100795 has broken classes path:   /home/user/.IntelliJIdea14/system/python_stubs/-2066100795"

I clicked on fix, corrected a couple other library usage issues, and encountered the same problem with the builtins when using 3.4.


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