Why is idea connected to bandicam?

I just discovered something wierd and im hoping someone here can tell me whats going on.

I am trying to track down what hase used 4gb of my data quota since it reset last night. When i checked my active connections i noticed this

  Proto   Local Address          Foreign Address         State                     PID
  TCP        bandicam:49630         ESTABLISHED     4392
  TCP        bandicam:49629         ESTABLISHED     4392
  TCP        bandicam:49643         ESTABLISHED     4392
  TCP        bandicam:49642         ESTABLISHED     4392
  TCP        bandicam:49659         ESTABLISHED     4392
  TCP        bandicam:49658         ESTABLISHED     2436

I checked these PIDs and they wer being used by idea can anyone shed any light in this for me?
The the only bandicam i know of is a video capture program (which i have installed) the two should be compleatly unrelated.

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