Shortcut key to close diff popup window?


IIJ might be the best tool I've found for comparing git branches but for one glaring flaw.  I can:

1) Open the list of files to diff.
2) Begin the file diff via Ctrl-D
3) Navigate the file via F7 and Shift-F7

... but then, I need to click the OS X red button to close the diff window.  There is no shortcut to close the window. Command-W (or the options I've tried in the Keymap table) doesn't appear work.  

This doesn't seen optimal given there is a shortcut to open the same window. appears to point to an issue with a similar window.

Any chance this might make it into an upcoming release?


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For Linux and Windows the escape key works (ESC). Does it not work in mac os?

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For mac it's Command + W.


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