IDEA-9 (Maia # 10672) - cant edit individual data sources once defined

Various datasource configurations that were previously editable in Maia # 10666 (e.g. JDBC URL) can now no longer be edited it in the Data Sources tool window (Maia # 10672). Selecting an individual datasource and hitting the enter key or right clicking on a datasource has no effect. Can someone please confirm whether this is indeed a problem on Maia # 10672?

My environment

  • IDEA-9 EAP (Maia build # 10672)
  • Ubuntu Linux 9.04 workstation
  • JDK 1.6.0_16 (Sun)
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It is:

For some reason, IDEA does not allow you to report the exception to the
tracker. It's logged in idea.log though..


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JetBrains has fixed this problem in EAP build # 10781. This was extremely annoying since I could not look at or fix my data sources defined in IDEA.  Thanks for this fix,  JetBrains - much appreciated.


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