IDEA 14 is incredibly faster with HotSpot Client VM

I noticed IDEA 14 was really slow, especially on startup. Then I found that "-server" is listed as an option in idea.vmoptions. I didn't put it there so I guess it's the default?

I really recommend to remove that line as IDEA is a LOT more responsive with the client VM.

Another option would be -XX:+TieredCompilation to try and get the advantages of both VMs. I will probably just stick to the client VM though.

Any feedback from others on this? :-)

Cheers, Stefan / The TinyBrain Project

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It is really slow especially it happens when I editted the Info.plist file JVMVersion 1.6 to 1.7




with 1.6 User Interface starts to trembling when page switch.

I have not tried your offer yet.

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>especially it happens when I editted the Info.plis

I'm not really sure what that means, please elaborate...?

I am now trying -server with -XX:+TieredCompilation. It's slower than client VM on startup, though it appears not as slow as pure server VM. Let's see.

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It seems -server and -XX:+TieredCompilation works fine. Pretty responsive I'd say.

The one thing I'd avoid is the default configuration IDEA ships with. That is just not workable.


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stefanreich wrote:

Then I found that "-server" is listed as an option in idea.vmoptions. I didn't put it there so I guess it's the default?

Yes, the -server switch is a default in the VM options file for 32-bit. (Since Java 64 bit automatically (and always) runs in server mode, it is not there in the 64-bit VM options.)

Per the Oracle documentation, using the -server option is a better choice for long running applications. It does cause a hit a startup time. But personally, I'd rather take a small hit at startup.

Although the Server and the Client VMs are similar, the Server VM has been specially tuned to maximize peak operating speed. It is intended for executing long-running server applications, which need the fastest possible operating speed more than a fast start-up time or smaller runtime memory footprint.

Based on that, it is interesting that you are reporting improved performance in client mode (other than the obvious decreased start-up time.) Personally, I figure JetBrains does plenty of testing to determine the best options, so I just leave them as is. That and I've never had any performance issues in my 11 years.


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