best way to migrate from file to folder based project with a team?

I'm wondering how I could smoothly migrate from the 8.* series file based project to the 9.* directory based one.
The thing is not everyone in the team feels confortable enough to use an EAP, so I need to keep both configuration in SVN.

What would you recommend to achieve that, knowing that we use Maven for the project conf. anyway.
I guess the tricky part would be inspections, scopes, encoding, code formating ... well all the things that go in the shared project config indeed.
One solution would be not to change anything while we're in transition but I don't think that's possible ...

Then is it possible to keep both configuration up-to-date with Maia?
I guess any Maia level change in the file based conf. would be backward compatible with Diana, just not taken into account, so basically updating IPR & IML with Maia should be safe for Diana, right?

What would be your recommandation?


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IDEA 8 support the folder based project structure. So could you not just migrate to that and both 8 and 9 EAP users could use it?

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oups, I forgot that I guess.
thanks Mark.


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