Anyone seeing big stability problems with 10762?

I haven't any major stability problems with maia until this last build.  Now I see several issues:
1. occasionally, idea stops being able to save the project, printing an error about some character array being the wrong length.  Only workaround is to close and re-open the project.
2. when idea tries to restart itself (like after updating a plugin), it hangs.  The UI is gone, but the process is still there, doing nothing (no HDD activity, no CPU activity).  Have to kill the process.
3. after 2., idea restarts but has change looknfeel themes.  And if I go into project settings, I see that a) the theme reverts to the old 4.5 default theme, and b) the Alloy themes aren't in the list anymore.   If I restart IDEA again, the Alloy themes are back, and I can switch back to them.

I haven't opened tickets for these, because they seem to happen so often, I figured someone else found them already, but I don't see them in youtrack or here  in the forums even after a couples weeks with the build, so maybe they are unique to me for some reason.

I've already cleared all the system caches, re-installed...I even started with a new idea home and imported settings, to get a really clean slate.  But I still see these issues at least once a day.  No one else is getting this?


I haven't seen these types of problems, but I am also using mainline plugins, and haven't really been using any of the newer 'official' plugins added during the IJ 8 & 9 time frame.
I noticed from other posts that you were using 'git' maybe you might try disabling all non JetBrains Plugins, and see if that makes a difference. Then if that doesn't help try disabling the newer (added during IJ 8 & 9) 'official' plugings like 'git' that might have been lihtly tested.

Also I didn't see where you stated what platform you were using and what JDK IJ was running under...



Unfortunately I had to stop using 10762 due to major CVS problems... it does seem more flaky than usual, but that's EAPs for you ;-)


The first problem regarding the character array length is a reported bug that has been fixed but not released. I haven't had the other problems you mentioned but I too have to stop using 10762. I keep losing my changes everytime idea loses the focus and sometimes when it doesn't. I tried to stick with it because it's the only version of Maia that the eclipse integration seems to work for me but I am reverting back to Diana until a new EAP is released.


I had to go back to 10666 due to major Flex (parsing valid code) and Groovy (compiling and debugging) issues in 10762.
10666 is quite stable though.


Ok, cool.  As long as other people are seeing stuff, I'm not crazy.


I have also experienced those problems, several times on different machines. Filed this jira:

Upgraded to 10781 today, hope this version is more stable.


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