Problem with Endorsed directories on IntelliJ IDEA 14

We're currently making the move from version 8.1.4  to version 14 of IntelliJ IDEA.

I've done this by installing version 14 and creating a new Project which mirrors our version 8 project. The project is a client/server application run on Tomcat with a number of modules.

I hit a problem with a missing class and realised that the class was in a jar file in the Tomcat endorsed directory - which shows as the endorsed directories when I look at 'properties' of a database/hibernate connection in the v8.1.4 project.

However in the v14 project, the endorsed directory is shown as the endorsed directory in the JRE of the JDK used by the project. I tried re-setting this using -Djava.endorsed.dirs in the VM parameters of the run configuration for the server part of the project - either setting just the Tomcat path, or both the JDK/JRE and Tomcat paths - but just got class not found messages showing the endorsed path I set.

In the end I have worked around this by copying the files to the endorsed directory of the JRE of the JDK being used for the project, but this is not an ideal solution to me.

Is there any way of setting the endorsed path to the Tomcat endorsed directory (or my Web Apps endorsed directory)?

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