How to change IDE fonts?


Intellij 13.1.5 on Xubuntu Linux 12.04.

In my XFCE linux UI, I can change the pixel per inch settings to notify the UI of the number of pixels to use to scale the UI to match my high-resolution screen.  So I can read the text and see the graphics.  All is scaled properly.

With Netbeans, I can start the IDE with the flag "--fontsize XX" to have the menus and dialog boxes scaled so I can read the text.

On Windows, I can go into the settings and change the DPI just as I can in XFCE to have the system scale the text and graphics to match the resolution of my screen.

On my Mac, I can request the UI be scaled, and although I'm offered a series of steps rather than a continuous range of values to choose from, there are at least several choices, and I can scale the text and graphics to make it visible without strain.

How can I do this with IntelliJ?  The text and graphics are ludicrously, and unusably, small.  Just in case someone is not reading this properly, I am not interested in how to make the code I write larger - I mean the UI as delivered by Jetbrains - the menus and dialogs.  The product is unusable by default.

I can't find anything in the local topics or on-line that addresses this.

Thanks in advance,

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I found what appears to be a way (I need to spend more time
to know if this is a complete solution):

File - Settings - Appearance.  The dialog presented has an entry "Override default fonts by (not recommended): " with a checkbox before it.

Beneath this on the dialog are pull-down boxes labelled "Name" and "Size".  I saw this, but the combination led me to think that I needed to select each of the many fonts and change the size for each.  In fact, it's still not obvious to me what these controls each do - I haven't seen that arrangement elsewhere.

Perhaps this implies there is only one font used in all the UI?  That's not the case in other tools I have used, so it wasn't obvious to me.

However, just changing the font size by itself propagates to most of the evident UI, although it's necessary to re-start the IDE for it to take effect in some cases.


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Welcome to the IntelliJ IDEA community!

bcw wrote:
Perhaps this implies there is only one font used in all the UI?  That's not the case in other tools I have used, so it wasn't obvious to me.

Yes, that is the case. That setting sets the font and font size for the entire UI. The name of it could probably be improved. Just the use of the plural 'fonts' rather than 'font' can cause some confusion, as it apparently did for you. Keep in mind IDEA is developed by folks for whom English is their second language. As such, sometimes little things like that sneak through. And that exact setting has been there for the past 11 years or so at least. So the verbiage was likely written when the company was a bit smaller and may not have had someone proofreading things as closely. I recommend you open up a "Usability Problem" report in the bug tracker and ask that the wording for that setting be improved.


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