IDEA 14 - download keeps failing

Hey you had me at hello - purchased a license upgrade within minutes of receiving your email about version 14 (which I didn't even know was around the corner).

However since then for the past 2 hours or, I've had 5-10 attempts to download the new version consistenly fail at some point during the download:
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.58.54 PM.png
(the cancelled one was because it hanged at some point)

Can anyone advise please? Are you aware of this issue or is it something personal...?

(Perhaps you didn't realize how popular your products have become...? ;-) )

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OK support to the rescue - this solved the problem:

I used the eu mirror directly.

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Glad to hear that it's already solved.
Could you please tell us where are you from? What country and region you are trying to download the file from?



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