maven-support preventing debug-session

hi there,

sorry if this is a real dumb question, but since #10762 i have problems with debugging.
everythign got initialized fine - tomcat and the webapp is starting and i can place a breakpoint.
but as the breakpoint is reached the red dot turns into a red dot with flag which says:

"cannot find source file..."

so i worked out:
   - during debugging only the locally installed maven jars are used (and not the compiled classes)
   - i do not have a source distribution right now (no -src.jar in maven-repo)

how can i tell idea to resolve all project classes locally and use the corresonding sources instead of maven?
or should i try to adapt the maven cycle more accurately during developement and enforece a tighter round-trip with maven goals?
right now we use it more like a infrastructure-componentn than a actual development-tool



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