Expected tooling support for latest Griffon and Gradle releases?

I'm very interested in using the newest version of Griffon when it becomes available (it solves some problems for us that aren't workable in 1.5 or earlier), but am wondering when IDEA will provide support for it? I know quite a bit has changed (e.g. there's no longer a griffon command-line tool), so I don't expect it to happen today or tomorrow, but would be interested to find out if there's some kind of roadmap for that support.

Also, what are the supported versions of Gradle by version of IDEA (i.e. what's supported in 13.1.x and what will be supported in v14)? I had some issues with Gradle support that posted about here earlier. No one responded to those posts and the bug that I filed has been assigned but has no other information. We're really wanting to move into the Groovy ecosystem, so support for these tools will be really important.

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Hi, Rick,

IDEA uses Gradle tooling API for interaction with gradle. And most of compatibility problems (of IDE with newer gradle sdk versions) usually handled at this level.
So, normaly IDEA 13.1 and IDEA 14 should be compatible with Gradle 1.9 - 2.1 and above if there is no android modules in the project (since IDEA android gradle plugin often supports only specific Gradle SDK version).

Of course, it is possible case when a new version of Gradle can be incompatible with IDEA which was released earlier (due to public API change or removing of deprecated APIs)
But if there will be a bug-request for such incompatibility problem it will get a high priority and the fix will be available in the nearest update or even with an attachment to the issue.

As for support for gradle based griffon projects (if I understand you correctly) you may request the feature in IDEA issue tracker and it can be added in 14.1 release if there is an official griffon gradle support.

E.g. the same support was added for gradle-grails project in IDEA 14 see details at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-120860


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