Imported WebServer project from NetBeans not getting WEB-INF files

I had a netbeans project.

I followed the suggested method of creating an intellij project in the same directly.  I have resolved all the initial issues and can compile my war file.

The war file does not contain anything but the class files and imported libraries.

I have all my jsp pages, web.xml, etc in a folder at the project root named "web", not "war".

I tried creating a folder named "war" and copied all the files from web to war, but they are not being put into the web-inf folder.

I fear this may because the project did not start as an EE style project.  I have version 13.1.4 enterprise edition.

Any thoughts/tricks/knowledge about how to configure intellij to move those files into WEB-INF is appreciated.

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I solved my own problem.

I went to the module settings page and selected the artifacts section.

I clicked the green + , add copy of, and then selected directory contents, and picked the web folder.


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