Removing author comment from template?

IntelliJ Idea, 13.1.5, OSX 10.9.

I've been unable to find out where to disable the author comment when generating a new Java class, can anyone point me in the right direction?  Right now I get both our copyright and my name, the latter of which isn't needed.

package com.lots.of.things;

* Copyright (c) 2014, YoLoCo
* All rights reserved.

/**  --- I would like to remove this from auto-generation ---
* Created by on 10/22/14.
public class StuffyTests {

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You can edit one of those:
Settings / Editor / File and Code Templates / Includes / File Header (adjusting the header of the class)
Settings / Editor / File and Code Templates / Class (removing the whole header of the class)

Btw I'm with 14EAP but I guess in 13 will be the same :)

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Bingo, thank you.  It didn't dawn on me to click on the Includes tab, since I was dealing with classes.  :)


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