Shaky Subversion Support

I really wonder why I haven't heard anything on the forums yet, so I am curious to know if I am the only one having this issue:

The most glaring manifestation is that just sometimes an svn update will _omit files_.
If I browse the repository on the server I see that there is a new or updated file, but doing an update (both with IDEA and with Tortoise) never gets me a local copy of the new file.

Sometimes I also get messages (on either update or commit)  that basically say my working copy is corrupted.

I haven't been able to reproduce this in a reliable way.

I am using IDEA #9920 (8.1.4 EAP), TortoiseSVN 1.6.4 (64bit) (build 16808) and a 1.5 server.

I can live with issues in most every other area, but Subversion issues are frightening.

Isn't there anyone else bitten by this?


In Maia build 10652 on OSX when I select a directory and click "Commit Directory", it comes up with a list of modified SVN files. The issue is that is has several modified miles missing! I have had to use SmartSVN from Finder to correctly detect all the modified files and commit them. It's a little disturbing..



we have same problems
of course it occurs in  Eclipse (with svnkit)

i didn't happen to see it while using svn 1.4 client
so i think it's because we use svn client 1.6 to connect to svn server 1.4

eclipse and idea use svnkit library
which library does tortoise use? if svnkit it could be just bug in svnkit


I have file and issue

Not sure if the issue you're seeing is the same as the one I reported against the latest Maia build but as it stands SVN support it very broken in Maia build 10,652.


I have seen this as well. There seems to be some time delay until all changed files are added to the changelist. I currently have two workarounds: (1) wait for an arbitrary time before committing or (2) click on the refresh button and wait for IDEA to detect changed files.

The second workaround seems to work well but is very annoying.
(This is on 9M1, Subversion 1.5)


I have also had incoming changelists that were not applied when the project was updated. There wasn't any error message or stack trace in the IDEA log. I have then checked out that particular directory to a temporary directory and copied it to the appropriate place. This got rid of that changelist.

Subversion issues are kind of scary, though.
(9M1, Subversion 1.5)


here is interesting link

as i understood you could miss files while updating if you ever updated directory with Tortoise 1.6.0
to fix it you need to get Tortoise 1.6.x (x>1) and invoke  "Update to revision..." command from the TortoiseSVN submenu (right-click in explorer), change the "Update depth" combobox to "Fully recursive".


Thanks a lot! That really did fix the issue for me.
In the mean time I had done a fresh checkout and avoided to use TortoiseSVN.
But I was always a little on the edge because I wasn't too sure that the bug won't come creeping back.

Luckily I kept the old working copy where the bug occured. Indeed with "Update to revision" I finally got all files.

So IDEA: 10 points. TortoiseSVN: 0 points

Thanks again.


I have to correct myself: There's a bug in IDEA, too, that contributed to this problem.
In the update dialog IDEA is telling me that is uses "infinity" update depth, when it only used what TortoiseSVN called "working copy" depth.

IDEA needs to really update fully recursive when "infinity" is selected and must support the new option "working copy" (probably selected as the default option).

Please vote for/comment on:


IDEA also has problems - it's not all Tortoise's fault.

On mac (running latest EAPs, currently 10666) Often times it will get out of sync with what is actually happening with the filesystem. I.e. if I change something outside of IDEA it wont turn blue. The single most annoying problem I have had is when I want to try to add a file isn't in version control, I can right click and say 'Add' but nothing changes... no matter how many times or which menu I try to use to tell it to add the stupid file.

It's becoming a major pain to have to quit and reopen it just to get it to resync with subversion.

I've tried updating with it several ways with several different depths set - when it stops working, nothing will get it to allow me to 'add' a file except quitting and reopening.

Even more frustrating is that it will no longer detect changes that I'm making to files and list them when I tell it to commit - leading me to occasionally accidently check in only part of my changes - causing broken builds and pissed off teammates.


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