Maia OSGi Support - Equinox Run Config Erroring

I'm trying to use the new OSGi support.

I downloaded and installed both the Knopplerfish and Equinox OSGi frameworks, and then configured them in Project Settings-> OSGi -> IDE Settings -> Framework definitions. Both were the latest stable versions.

I opened a Run/Debug configuration and the Knopplerfish framework seems to work fine. But when I select the Equinox framework I receive the message: "Error: the Eclipse version could not be determined. Please make sure you have the full Equinox installation include an .eclipseproduct file in its root folder."

I have been running my bundle in Equinox from the command line and it works just fine. Is this .eclipseproduct a file that should have shipped with Equinox? I have never heard of it and the Equinox framework does not seem to include it.

Any ideas?

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We support different versions of Equinox - you can even run appllications that use Equinox 3.1 - and different types of applications based on Equinox. Besides applications that use Equinox just as any other OSGi container, you can also run Eclipse RCP applications.

To support all those kinds of applications we need the native launchers and we need to know what verson of Equinox we are launching.
So even though you can start your application only with the generic Equinox SDK from the command line, for the OSGi support in IDEA you will need the generic SDK and the native launchers. Please read my comment on for examples on what to download and install to create a complete Equinox installation.

Best regards,

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In the next Maia EAP the .eclipseproduct file isn't needed anymore and plain Equinox installations without the native launchers should work again.


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