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Dear friends,

I've been working with IntelliJ for a few years, synching with svn, and now suddenly I'm having difficulties.  The status bar says "Collecting information on changes", with a little spinner, but takes forever to finish the job -- sometimes 10 or 15 minutes.  It seems to accomplish the task eventually, usually, so it has proven that it can still work.  But during this time, a pop-up box emerges every 30-60 sec saying "svn has stopped working".  There's some additional verbiage and a link/button that reads "Close the program".  Closing the program repeatedly seems to eventually get me to the goal, but the days of (near) instant gratification are gone.

I had been working with an earlier minor version of 13, so I upgraded to latest to see if it would resolve this issue, but it would not.  Interestingly, I had to download latest manually, because trying the auto-update through the IDE causes a pop-up box that reads "Connection failed.  Please check your network connection and try again."  There's nothing wrong with my network connection.  I can browse interwebs freely, and incidentally I can also use Tortoise repo browser to access the svn repository with no problems.  Edit:  also, although I mark the checkbox to have IntelliJ remeber my credentials to access svn, I am still asked to re-key them every time I re-start IntelliJ.

Please help!

~Paul T.

IDE version is 13.1.5
OS is Win7 SP1 64-bit

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The problem was with SVN.  I started using a new computer a few months ago and accidentally loaded TortoiseSVN 1.8 instead of 1.7, whereas our SVN repository is only 1.7.  And since I had checked out the project branch via TortoiseSVN rather than through IntelliJ, the seeds of misfortune were sown.  Although there were no problems for the first few weeks, slowly the synchronization deteriorated, until I finally could not synch within a reasonable period of time.  I'm going to uninstall TortoiseSVN 1.8 and install 1.7.


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