Automatic update

From time to time I see the pop-up inside the Intellij IDEA notifying me that the IDEA is ready to update.
If I click it, then in some cases it says "Update and restart", so I can just press it, wait until the dowload ends and then IDEA updates itself. For whatever reason, I cannot do anything until this process ends, even if it takes dozen of minutes with slow internet connection.
Moreover, there is a worse case with updating: sometimes it takes me to the Intellij IDEA website, suggesting to manually download a completely new version of the IDE and reinstall it from scratch.

So, my question for this discussion is: why does IDEA lacks a simple button that means "Download everything you need in background process and apply any changes you want in the first convenient moment; e.g. after application close, just before the new launch or even without restart at all (if that is possible)"?

To compare with, applications like firefox or chrome had never ever asked me whether I want to update at all, they somehow keep me updated all the time without my notice.

Thanks, Sergei.

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