Resolve static assets without Web facet?

I just switched from WebStorm to the full IDEA suite and I'm having a problem with static assets. My inspections and auto-completes are no longer working - while editing JS/HTML/CSS files, the linter is throwing errors about unresolved filenames, and I can no longer auto-complete when I type paths to things like images, as WebStorm does.

I've marked my static resources folder as a Resource Root as I've done in WebStorm, but that didn't resolve it. I see that IDEA has a concept of a Web Facet, and I've seen references to marking resource folders there... but that doesn't seem to have any options that make sense for my current project (Android and Gradle). Is there something more I need to do other than marking the Resource directory to get IDEA to behave as WebStorm does?

This is with IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4.

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