Spring MVC - Tomcat Deploy Configuration - Should I have "make" step before "build war exploded artifact"?

Hi everyone,

I'm new with IntelliJ and I have Spring MVC project (on maven). I created the tomcat deploy configuration and added "build war exploded artifact" step to the "Before launch:" section. So now I have two steps there:

  • Make
  • Build war exploded artifact

I've also seen some tutorials with the same settings. However, I found out that when I can remove the "Make" step then everything still compiles and works properly. When I run deploy I can see that "make" process is runinng.

So, is the "make" step necessary?

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Hi Kacper,

I think it is not. "Build Artifact" always calls "Make", although this is poorly documented (at least I couldn't find info in IDEA help).

As far as I see in the sources, BulidArtifactAction.doBuild() always calls CompilerManager.make()

Hope that helps

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Thank you very much for your answer!


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