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i have a class in a project that has an import for  this is an old class that hasn't changed in years.  i use intellij 13.1 community edition.  today i installed the trial version of intellij 13.1 ultimate.  i opened this particular project and tried to build it (maven) and the build failed with an error that package does not exist.  however, when i view dependencies for the project, i see the correct package (maven: org.restlet.jee:org.restlet:2.0.8) and can see the correct class that is referenced in the import statement.  i then tried closing intellij ultimate and reopening project in community edition and now see the exact same issue there.  any thoughts on what's wrong?



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got it sorted out.  don't know what happened, but i just had to make a new explicit dependency on the package in the POM for the project.


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