IntelliJ not showing code while debugging

I am working on a new project in which I am using Gradle to build a small SpringBoot service.  I am building and running the service from the commandline, with JVM parms to set the debug port and pause the JVM until the debugger attaches.  All of that appears to be working as expected.

In IntelliJ, I created a remote debugging profile and am connecting to the process on localhost w/debug port specified and the debugger attaches to the process and even stops at break points.  However, when a break point is hit, the source for that breakpoint isn't shown.  It isn't telling me it cant find the source code... it acts like it isn't even trying to locate source.

Any suggestions as to why that isn't working as expected?

[[UPDATE]]  I discovered that when I imported the Gradle project IntelliJ failed to recognize and mark the source folder in the project.  The result was that the debugger couldn't find any source at all.  Adding the source in the Module Settings dialog's Module's Paths tab solved the issue.

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Additionally, if I double-click on a JDK method in the frames window, the code from the JDK is shown.  But double-clicking on a frame that represents code in my project or any of the project's lib jar (such as spring jars) does nothing.  


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