Reversible Debugging

One of the things that I really liked (and still like!) about VB6 is that when debugging you can step backwards in the code.
This makes debugging a lot more productive as you don't have to keep restarting the application when debugging.
Coming to Java it wasn't possible to do this in the major IDEs (IDEA, Eclipse, Netbeans) so I just assumed that it was something about the language that prevented it from being implemented.

Today I came across information that shows that is possible and that it has been implemented.

Any thoughts about this feature coming to IDEA?
I think that something like this is a feature that would benefit all developers and not just a subset that some of the new features for 9 are bringing (e.g. new language support)

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Have you tried the "Drop Frame" button which is available in the debugger?  It allows you to jump backwards in the current thread's stack and thus allows you to retry the same execution path again and again.

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usually in Java methods consists of not more then few lines of code
my beaten scenario: change some lines in method, compile, jump back to the beginning of the method with this button, continue debugging

in C#/VisualStudio yes, i do use this amazing feature of dragging (with mouse) current execution point to any line back in current method
it's a bit more convenient, but only a bit, not much more


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