How to run Grails console in IntelliJ Maia (build #10597)?

I've downloaded the Maia EAP build #10597 and started using the Groovy/Grails capabilities.  I must say they're a leap beyond the (very good) support in IntelliJ 8.  Once I had Grails 1.1.1 and Groovy 1.6.3 installed I was off and running.

I'm working through "Grails In Action".  Of course I don't want to just follow along with the book - I've got the change things.  One change I wanted to make was to point to a local MySQL instance instead of the default HSQLDB database.  So I modified the DataSource.groovy file to point to the new data source and added the MySQL Connector-J version 5.1.6 JAR as a library to my project.  When I created an IntelliJ data source and tested the connection it worked, so I know the MySQL service is alive and running on my machine.

The book suggests running the Grails console to try out the domain object and see if it persists.  I couldn't find a way to run the Grails console inside IntelliJ.  I have no trouble deploying and running web apps.  Did I miss this in my haste?

I opened up a command shell and typed "grails console".  I see it compiling my domain objects, but it throws an exception when it can't find the MySQL JAR.  How do I add the MySQL connector JAR to the Grails console CLASSPATH?

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My apologies. It appears that adding the MySQL connector JAR to the /lib directory of my Grails project sorts everything out. I was linking it in via IntelliJ without copying it. Pilot error once again! Thanks for the great work with IntelliJ. It's the best IDE on the market.


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