Maven/POM refactoring - add/remove child modules from aggregator

Hello All,

I'm now using build 10558 of Maia.
Sometime I split big Maven POM to aggregator and child modules or, on the contrary, remove child modules and bring their code back to the parent. Right now I do so manually and need to update all corresponding POMs and take care of all groupId and artifactId involved. If I make a mistake - Maven's aggregation or inheritance breaks so I need to check three times no mistake has fallen when changing files and moving them up and down.

How about IDEA allowing to refactor POMs ?

I think "Pull Members Up" and "Push members Down" for removing and adding child modules would be terrific! IDEA would then ask me what groupid and artifactid to set and will make sure that aggregators, modules and parents agree on each other (we usually make POM point as a <parent> to an aggregator that lists them in <modules>, exceptions are very-very rare)

What do you think ?

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