How to "git pull --rebase origin myBranch" ?



I'd like to know how I can achieve the command "git pull --rebase origin myBranch" within IDEA?

So what do I have to choose in the rebase dialog?

onto: my local branch? -> refs/heads/myBranch
from: refs/remotes/origin/myBranch

Merge Strategy?

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Currently, there seems to be no way to do this conveniently in IDEA. As that command actually consists of two operations, you can still achieve the same result:
VCS > Git > Fetch
VCS > Git > Rebase
Branch: myBranch
Onto: origin/myBranch
From: Hash of the starting point of your commits
I always get lost in that dialog because it mimics the command line interface but doesn't provide any guidance to the user.

I guess the much simpler solution is
Press F12 to open the Terminal window
enter pull --rebase origin myBranch

Let's hope that IDEA 14 will finally make Git integration a lot more approachable and usable.

P.S: I'm not sure if IDEA will honor git config --global pull.rebase true but as it just uses the command line client, I guess it might be worth a try.

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In more recent versions of IDEA (and perhaps older ones as well), from the main menu you can choose VCS -> Update Project. In the resulting dialog, you can set the "Update Type" to Merge, Rebase or Branch Default.

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Iroberts but "Update Project" does not allow to choose the branch to update from


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