8.3 Filenames Not Recognised in ANT Scripts

I am getting errors highlighted in my ANT scripts that paths don't exist when I have used 8.3 (short) filenames.

        <property name="izpack.home.dir" value="C:\Progra~1\IzPack"/>

        <java jar="${izpack.home.dir}/lib/compiler.jar" fork="true" failonerror="true">
            <arg value="${basedir}/${izpack.config.file}"/>
            <arg value="-h"/>
            <arg value="${izpack.home.dir}"/>
            <arg value="-b"/>
            <arg value="${basedir}"/>
            <arg value="-o"/>
            <arg value="${dist.dir}/install.jar"/>
            <arg value="-l"/>
            <arg value="5"/>

                <pathelement location="${izpack.home.dir}/lib/compiler.jar"/>
                <pathelement path="${my.classpath}"/>

However, I have no problem running the scripts from ANT.
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Created a bug in Jira to try to elicit a response


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