Possible to change the Table Editor query?

I am using the Database pane to load information from a DB2 database, but I am unable to use the table editor because the query that is being generated is not valid. How can I change the query?

When I click SHOW QUERY I see the following:

SELECT t.*, RID_BIT() as "RID_BIT()" FROM <schema>.<table> t

The error that I get is that RID_BIT() can not be found, as that is not a valid function on my system. How can I change/remove this function from the autogenerated query?

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It sounds like this bug -- IDEA-109084 Table editor does not show table content on DB2 z/OS -- which is reported as fixed in IDEA v13. What version are you on? To the best of my knowledge, the select table queries are not editable. So if you are experiencing this in v13, I recommend opening a regression bug report.


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