Installing a plugin on github (intellij-perl)


I want to install the intellij-perl plugin which is located here:

There are no installation instructions that I can find and after a bit of digging around it appears the module needs compiling before it can be installed via File -> Settings -> Plugins.

I did briefly try to compile it by loading the project into IDEA and fiddling with SDKs & dependencies but I am not a Java developer, am new to IDEA and don't appear to have the right vesions of things like the Java JDK instaled anyway..

Has anyone else managed to get that plugin working?

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Generally, I'd recommend contacting the author of the plugin and asking to upload the built version to the plugin repository (
At the moment ( intellij-perl plugin doesn't have plugin.xml that is required to add functionality to IDE.
Seems the plugin is in the early development stage now.


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Hi Sergey, thank you for the reply. I'll see if I can find Mr Attrill's email address (not obvious where to contact him on github).

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Hi Spencer,

Seems the easiest way is to file an issue in the .
You can watch a feature request for Perl 5 .
Unfortunately, AFAIK, there are no plans to add Perl support in the nearest future.


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