How to omit a directory from project or compilation?

Hi Community Experts,

I'm new to building large Java based project.
I'm compiling an Apache project and performed the following steps:

1. git checkout < release>
2. ant
3. ant eclipse-files
4. opened Intelij and imported the project successfully by pointing to the .eclipse file.

As a quick test, i built the project from Intelij.

It looks like the project built ok, but there were 3 errors found in a class (contained in a test folder) that I'm not interested in.

I don't need the test folder and would like to tell Intelij to ignore that branch (or subdirectory).

Hoping someone could let me know how to do this ?  :)   (or give me area to research and I can figure it out).

Thanks !

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A test/ folder is marked as "Test Sources" or "Sources".
Just unmark it and it will be excluded from compilation.


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