Lost .class files

Unless Im going completely crazy... IDEA seems to be losing .class files when I come to run an application or unit test:

Eg. I rebuild all. Run my application.  Edit a file, run a make, run the application.  I get ClassNotFound errors.  I rebuild all, and run the application without error.
The make functionality seems to be broken.

I noticed this in the last EAP, but its very obvious in the latest one.  I confirmed that I do not have "clear output directory on rebuild" checked in the compiler settings.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Ive just been developing on a Mac, different project than earlier, and Im seeing the same behaviour. Missing class files being reported, compilations seemingly not buildling stuff, and make is certainly on the fritz, or the classloading used by IDEA to execute programs is flaky.

Several times this evening Ive encountered CNFExceptions, but simply hitting the run button again fixed the problem.  Other times I had to force a full rebuild before the app would run.

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Yes, I'm getting the same problem - very irritating when trying to do a hot-swap while debugging. I sometimes have to restart the debug session from scratch, because the class file can't be found, although the hot-swap was supposedly successful.

Occasionally it's worse, and the will code run *without* incorporating the hot-swap changes - presumably the recompiled class file isn't loaded into memory and the original remains there. This can cause a lot of time wasted looking for the causes of problems that have already been fixed.

I'm now very wary of 'Make' and hot-swap in debugging, and try to remember to do a full rebuild regularly when debugging. It's not good when you can't trust the IDE to run your code correctly.


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