Maven Projects - "Assign shortcut" always disabled

Guys, I'm trying to assign a shortcut for a maven lifecycle in "Maven Projects" tool window.
I can not do this because "Assign shortcut" menu is always disabled.

I hit this in both Idea 13 and 14EAP. My current project is multi-modules one, and I remember I once got it working when I had a project with one module (I had to rename the module with the same name as the project to get it working).
Is this a limitation or a bug? The official documentation does not mention anything related:


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The most likely cause is that you have a default keymap selected. You cannot edit a default mapping. Go to File > Settings > [IDE Setting] > Keymap. With the desired default keymap you want to use as the base for your custom keymap, click the "Copy" button, give it a name and save it. You should now be able to assign shortcuts.

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Thanks Mark but this is not my case. I'm already using copied keymap.

I'm pretty sure this is connected with the naming of project or its modules, as once I think I got it working via renaming them.
Just wanted to check with the community if this is known problem. I'll investigate further this week and I'll file a bug if needed.

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I figured it out - for some reason the maven project was marked as "Ignored".
I'm wondering if there is more usable way IDEA to denote such projects - now they are with the same font as regulat projects, except the color is slightly lighter.

Anyway I'm closing this question.


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