Intellij Icons and Ruby Plugin

Hi, all.

I ran into an issue with some settings, but I cannot determine the problem. Attached are screen shots showing what I see. I was trying to fix an icon issue with my Java projects, and ended up breaking my Ruby plugin syntax highlighting and classpaths or...something. I'm confident there's a configuration issue, because I was able to swap out my preference files and see the changes. One set of configs fixes the Java issue and causes the Ruby issue, while the other fixes the Ruby issue and causes the Java issue.

IntelliJ Icons and Ruby Syntax.pdf

So nothing? Any ideas at all as to how to troubleshoot?



I'm not sure what the problem is but I'd start with reinstalling ruby plugin (of course you may want to keep "correct" version of settings)
Also I'd doublecheck that the module has RoR facet and correct ruby sdk is set for it.

Regards, Oleg.


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