Load Project in Background

If I open a large project (~10k files) for the first time it can take about 5 minutes for IDEA to parse the files.
Admittedly, once they have been parsed the project opens very quickly.

However, if I only want to check a file or maybe use the compare functionality in IDEA I don't need the files to be fully parsed and have all the functionality of IDEA to do this.

Would it be possible to have the option to put the loading of the project in the background, with the caveat that a lot of the functionality wont be available until the files have completed parsing?

Another reason for this is if I have opened a project in a new frame, I am prevented from working on my original project until the second one is fully opened.


Turns out that this has been reported several times already
Its a fairly serious usability issue as it prevents you from working in the original frame
Is usability not a priority?


This is now implemented in Maia!


I'm pleased that I can continue to work whilst the Indexing is done in the background.
However, I am confused as to why the functionality is reduced in my original frame
The indicies for my first project shouldn't be affected by the indexing of the second project since they have different dependencies.


It's an internal architectural issue, it will be fixed soon.



Hi opticyclic,

Where should I see this feature in Maia? As I mentioned here http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/message/5239068#5239068  it seems my project is loaded during startup the same way as in Diana. What am I missing?



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